Fast, secure and reliable live chat solution

Link Slack


Use Login to Slack button

Press Login to Slack button and @linkedchatbot will be added automatically to your Slack account.


Choose channel to connect

Create new public channel.


Connect Slack with chat widget

Send special given command /lclink 123456 to link your Slack channel with chat on the website.

Link Telegram


Add LinkedChatBot

Go to LinkedChatBot and start it in Telegram application.


Invite LinkedChatBot to chat

Create new chat group and add the bot to this group.


Connect Telegram with chat

Send special given command /lclink 123456 to link your Telegram chat with chat on the website.

Add chat to your website


Paste code into website

We recommend installing the chat script before the closing head tag.

<!-- LinkedChat script -->

The chat script needs to be installed on any page you would like to have chat with visitor. It can be installed once site-wide in your header template or individually on each page.

You can change user name and email from JavaScript if you want. Also you can change all hints and messages, see the example.
  window.linkedchat = {
    name: "Visitor name",
    email: "",
    titleOpened: "We are online!",
    titleClosed: "This is chat",
    titleOffline: "We are offline.",
    hintName: "Name",
    hintEmail: "Email",
    hintInputOnline: "Type and press Enter",
    hintInputOffline: "Type and press Send",
    hintSendFile: "Send file",
    hintSendScreenshot: "Send screenshot",
    hintMinimizeChat: "Minimize chat",
    hintOpenSettings: "Open settings",
    buttonSend: "Send",
    buttonSaveInfo: "Save",
    messageSent: "Message sent",
    messageInfoEmpty: "Enter name and email",
    messageInputEmpty: "Enter message",
    messageSending: "Sending..."

Call updateInfo() if you have changed visitor details after script loading.
  setTimeout(function(){ = "New name"; = "";
  }, 5000);

You can open and close chat window.