Convert website visitors into sales, subscribers and followers

Enjoy a true Slack, HipChat, Telegram integration

LinkedChat is a live chat service that is truly integrated into Slack, HipChat and Telegram. Yes, it's that simple: you chat with your website visitors from your already existing Slack, HipChat, Telegram account. LinkedChat only pushes the information that is valuable for you: real inquiries and communication from your visitors. From your side, whatever you type into Slack, HipChat, Telegram, and as soon as you type it, your visitors will receive it in real time via LinkedChat widget on your website.

Customize your widget look and feel easily

Brand distinction is very important. That's why we've made it possible for you to customize every single aspect of your widget. From colors and text to the images used in the widget itself.

Benefit from mobile friendly LinkedChat widget

LinkedChat widget has been designed for all devices: desktop, tablets, and smartphones, including iPhone, iPad, Android mobile and Android tablets etc. When you use LinkedChat, you're sure to be compatible with the vast majority of people browsing the web.

Identify your visitors

We understand that gathering a lot of information about your visitors is a real key for you in making conversions. LinkedChat automatically identifies your visitor's current page, last known referrer, location, language, browser, name and email.

Manage your business status with scheduling

If your company has regular working hours, you can set up your LinkedChat widget to respect these hours. With LinkedChat scheduling, you can define when your widget is On and when your widget is Off, which will establish when your visitors can have access to you via Livechat or not.

Be available any time with offline mode

When offline you can still do plenty of useful stuff, like ask for a name, an email address. With your widget in offline mode as soon as the visitor clicks on the 'send' button you'll receive a message in your Slack, HipChat, Telegram with the visitor's inquiry.

Send files and images to your visitors

You can send files and images directly from your Slack, HipChat, Telegram to your visitors via the LinkedChat widget. Upload the image to the specified LinkedChat visitor channel on Slack, HipChat, Telegram. It will then pop up instantly inside your visitor’s live chat window. Visitors are able to send you files and images as well.

Take screenshots of visitor screen

Request a screenshot from a customer directly from Slack, HipChat, Telegram, no additional software required. Visitor can easily send you screenshot as well.

Use emoticons and emojis with your visitors and clients

LinkedChat widget supports all different emoticons and emojis from Slack, HipChat and Telegram.

Super easy setup

We've set up LinkedChat integration to be easy like Sunday morning. There are only 3 simple steps to the signup process (~30 short seconds). You simply need to integrate 1 html line of code into your website and that's it, you're done. We take care of all the rest. LinkedChat works out of the box. Literally. No coding skills required.

Run multiple widgets

Did you know that you can run multiple widgets from a single LinkedChat account? Even better, you can give each one of your widgets its own unique look and feel. From a single LinkedChat account, you'll be able to operate multiple widgets and manage live-chat sessions over multiple websites. Ideal for web agencies, freelancers, and any teams managing several websites at once.

Edit/Delete text that has already been sent

If typos or miscommunication occur during a chat session, you can always edit the messages that have already been sent and then resend them. Typos are common in online communication. But with LinkedChat, you don't have to let them get the better of you. A great measure for protecting your brand image with clients.