Businesses have never had better tools for communication than right now. As companies all over the world are getting addicted to collaboration software such as Slack, integrating it with other platforms can make your workforce even more productive.

What is Slack?

Only launched in August 2013, this cloud-based collaboration platform has taken the world by a storm. Based on the principles of IRC chat, Slack integrates with an impressive number of other applications used in the corporate world, to make working together easy to manage. It connects such massively popular services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Trello, Asana. Using Slack enables teams to manage most of the work tasks without leaving this one software platform, resulting in much higher efficiency and ease of work execution.

The importance of live chat

Live chat has become one of the most preferred tools for a client seeking support. Many people choose live chat option instead of emailing or calling the business to get help with various queries. Not only is it a user-preferred option, but it benefits your business greatly too.

Firstly, live chat cuts down on customer costs tremendously. It lowers the average time of interaction, making your customer support more efficient and faster to address issues.

Secondly, it boosts your company’s overall sales. Many customers who have the option for an instant one-to-one support, end up becoming buyers, whereas, having to call or email and wait for an answer is often perceived too bothersome by the customer, resulting in lost sales.

Access to immediate help makes the customer feel valued. Getting their issues resolved in a matter of minutes creates a great customer experience and encourages loyalty to the brand. By having live chat option on your website, you are gaining a lot of happy customers and increasing your revenue at the same time.

Get your live chat linked to Slack

One of the greatest things about Slack is that it doesn’t limit you to its default integrations. The opportunities to integrate with other essential business applications are endless. This feature is made possible by using Slack bots.

These bots are designed to provide extra functionality to Slack users. They can be beneficial in many ways and one of the best abilities Slack bots provide is creating links with virtually any business platforms.

Live chat integration with Slack provides the ability to enhance customer support capabilities even more. Using the principles of bot work, this software integrates live chat into your business’s Slack tool. This allows your teams to see the live chat queries as they come in, and respond to them, all while they are working within Slack. Without having to switch between tools, your customer support becomes able to respond and solve issues even faster.

This takes chat support to a new level, making it far more convenient for your employees to manage. Furthermore, the increased speed of responding will leave the website visitors with a great impression. Adding live chat support integration to your Slack collaboration platform is a way to work smarter, and get better returns.

Now is good time to start using Slack for customer support and LinkedChat is the perfect tool for that.