Today’s world is full of technologies. With new tech, we could add a digital world that helps everyone succeed and prosper while working one of the best technologies. Slack is probably one of the most useful features for a live business chat on your website. Slack is basically an app with no limit time and no user limit. It doesn’t matter if your co. has above 1000 employees, you can still use slack for like free. You can live chat with your customer or your visitor via slack. LinkedChat is a great website that allows users to chat with their website visitors directly from slack. You can also answer your customers via desktop and your cellphones easily. All you have to do is just download slack from google Play store or Apple store and reap the fruits of its unlimited benefits.

Steps for starting using Slack for live chat

The first step to using live chat slack is by adding integration. Slack can automatically set everything up for you.
iii. Click on add the slack and choose public content and accept authenticating scopes. If you choose the private channel then you would have to invite our chat bot to the channel after completing the setup.
iv. Next, the system will give you a one line code for you to include on your website, you can also use any one of our integrations with Word press, Shopify or Big commerce to easy setup your live chat.
v. Now you can live chat when the chat is started slack create a unique channel for your each visitor.
vi. If you have chosen the private channel you won’t be able to see our messages but if you choose a public channel you can easily see our messages.
vii. You can turn on or off your chat settings as per your wish.

The importance of live chat

There are so many benefits of using slack on LinkedChat for the live chat with clients. You can share any file on slack at any time. All contents are searchable in the search box. Private chats are also available on slack. It is accessible anywhere and is beneficial for strengthening your business. It is also extremely easy to use, just signup, connect link chat to your slack and enjoy your chat, to make your work even more productive. With slack you do not have to switch between tools, therefore, your customer support becomes more efficient in responding to issues and resolving them quickly. Slack allows everyone from client services, experience design, production, engineering, and PR to join any one of the dozens of concurrent projects and do work with teams regardless of their roles as well as of location, something that wasn’t easy or possible before.
The best thing about using slack is that anyone can easily use it. All your communication is present in one place, instantly searchable, and available wherever you go. On the marketing side, slack gives a more concrete description by becoming a messaging and searching platform that creates a single unified archive accessible through powerful search.

This takes chat support to a new level, making it far more convenient for your employees to manage. Furthermore, the increased speed of responding will leave the website visitors with a great impression. Adding live chat support integration to your Slack collaboration platform is a way to work smarter, and get better returns.

Now is good time to start using Slack for customer support and LinkedChat is the perfect tool for that.